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Australian Shepherds kennel "TripleMoon"

Herding trainings are favourite excersize for Paris. Herding is her real passion!

First time Paris met sheep when she was just 5 months old. I took her to the herding class in Finland because we hadn't any herding places in our region. The trainer mentioned her excellent instinct and talent, and her attention for the sheep even when she looked relaxed during the breaks. Couple of months later I took her to Nafani farm, 850 km from us, where we had two full herding trainings out of a fence. It was found out that instinctively she can take the right position in relation to the sheep and handler, that she has strong pressure over the stock. At the same time she doesdn't show any agression, she may grip the air close to a sheep for better pressure but I've never seen her gripping them for real. Her nature talents impressed us so much that I've lost any interest in training with my other dogs which had to be tought things that Paris knew just according to her instinct.

But we couldn't train often because there wasn't any opportunity near the place we live. We did it from time to time, sometimes not often than one per year. Long breaks led to the very high stress level before the start and at the first minutes of a class. Paris was just really crazy about herding and our progress and ability to learn something was delayed until better times when we could see sheep more often.

At the beginning of 2016 we went to Nafani farm again for several days and successfully passed working trial HWT-TS with "excellent" and high score 94/100 points!

Soon herding as dog sport arrived to our area and started to develop here as well. It was great news but we had some other plans and it took one really long break after several months of trainings. In 2019 Paris was 7 years old, no more time to delay! We took part in class 1 of IHT-TS (International Herding Trial) with "satisfied" result, many mistakes from my side and high evaluation of the dog from the judge. It gave us the direction for further lessons. After Paris is retired from breeding we have plans to work a lot and develop her herding talents as much as possible within herding sport!


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