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Sir: ACK DK CH Thornapple Dr Thunder
Dam: Multi CH Normari Ronni Small Queen OKD-1 T-1
05.06.2009 - 17.11.2019

International Champion, Champion of Russia, RKF, Lithuania, Estonia,
Latvia, Baltic, Ukraine, Finland, Czechia, Belarus, Poland,
2 х Eurasia 2013 Champion, WCUP-15, Baltic Winner'15

Junior Champion of Russia, Estonia, Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania,
Baltic, EST JW 2010

Veteran Champion of Russia, RKF, Estonia

3 х Crufts qualification
res. European Junior Champion 2010
38 x CACIB

Finnish mental test LTE (+209), T-1, OKD-1, NHAT-G

2 х Best In Show Winner All Breeds
2 x res. Best In Show
Multi BIS Placer
Multi Best In Group 1 Winner and Placer
Multi Best In Show Junior
Winner and Placer
Best In Show Veteran Winner and Placer

Breeder and owner:
Adina Kovalenko, kennel Triplemoon


HSF4 +/+, CEA +/+, PRA +/+, MDR1 -/-

Full set of teeth, scissors bite

*Red factored*



USA, DK CH SV-08 Thornapple Dr Thunder
CH Thornapple Code Red
CH HOF Merribrooks Pickup Man DNA-CP
CH HOF Heatherhill Montel Williams
CH HOF Windogos Sweet Success
Thornapple Lizzie Mcguire
Thornapples Red Knuckles DNA-CP
Thornapple U Better Kiss Me
Thornapple Oceans Of Diamonds
CH Ragtime Set In Stone
CH HOF Heatherhill My Waterloo DNA-CP
CH Merribrooks Put'in On The Ritz
Thornapples White Diamonds
Propwash Hey Jude
Thornapples Scarlett O'hara
RUS BLR LT LV CH Normari Ronni Small Queen
RUS CH Briarbrooks Take It To The Max
CH Briarbrooks Silver Medallion
CH HOF My Main Man Of Heatherhill
CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence
CH Briarbrooks Photo Credit
CH HOF Briarbrooks Valedictorian ROM
CH Briarbrooks Paparizzi
RUS, MOL, UKR CH Belgiegirl Van Nattrekja
DUTCH, LUX CH Mooreas Wild Adventure STDS DNA-CP
CAN AM ASCA CH HOF Windogos Wild Wild West DNA-CP
CH Calais Move Over
MULTI CH Zizanie Des Forces Vives
Outlaws Blame It On Rio
Nymphe De L'etoile Des 3 Bergers

Storm. The legend and true ambassador of Triplemoon, forever in our hearts and warm memories of 10 years together. Storm was well-known dog in our country and abroad as soon as he was very successful at the dog shows appearing bright and effective male with huge charisma, easy to remember and fall in love with. In Russia he is also a legend of our breed rise times, well known not only for his beauty but much for his extraordinary personality!

He was a special one. One in a million. Dog beloved most of all others since the minute he was born in our first litter, he just had stolen my heart and every next day he continued to be the best boy: so loving, handsome, smart, willing to please, with such a bright temperament - living along with his name - Absolute Storm! - he was very dominant and serious boss among the dogs but so sweet cute and funny with people.

Although he loved people like crazy, loved to be petted and everybody's attention, he was my super 'security system Storm' and was smart enough to divide protective and being nice behaviours. He was very strong mentally and was afraid only one thing: do something that could disappoint me or the other members of our family! This made him train amazing self-control which turned him with age to unbelievable obedient dog able to make right decisions by himself.

Storm was really helpful buddy by my side. First of all, his natural will to carry things in his mouth made him my third hand; I could trust him to carry my expensive camera or the cakes from groceries. He would always pick up anything that I'd dropped to the floor to give it to me and it looked so natural: honey, could you pick up the keys please? - Thank you, love :) Yes, he was much more than just a dog, he was my best friend. And when people at the streets or at the dog shows was amazed how smart he was helping me with things, he started to walk with even more important look, it was a reason to show-off!

As soon as he was born in my first litter, from the second one Storm got a job of a nanny for our newborn puppies. He was so heartwarming with them! Such a seriuos dog turned into an angel and his main job was to clean them and protect space around our puppy place against silly younger dogs. Just one glance was enough to keep everyone away, except mother of the litter of course. And when our puppies grew older all loved Storm and respected like a god. Every puppy knew that it costs a lot and worths to deserve his friendship!

Another his job was to assist me during the photo sessions: to hold something for me, or bring, or help to get attention of dog models, or help to get warm people in the weather was bad. I hadn't to keep an eye on him, thus he didn't take my attention from the process (any of my other dogs needs to be controlled). He was very proud of anything useful that he did and had pleasure of any job without asking for food or anything. Just a word that he did it right. He was the only in our pack who treated carefully any cuts or small wounds on the other dogs, kept other males at the distance from our aussie girls and was responsible for the toys - he had learnt to remember where a toy was thrown down to run for it when I ask, even on pretty long distances.

I try to learn from my dogs some good things. Storm has tought me to love life in any manifestation. To find a reason to be happy and rejoice in any situation. Sometimes he seemed to be like always on the drugs: happy, happy, happy! And I'm happy that he had such a full life and got so much love!

He had travelled to 17 countries with me, mostly for the dog shows but in each country I have memories of something else with him. He loved dog shows and it was a great pleasure to show him! That fire in his eyes! I'm so grateful to myself that after a 2 years break I took him back to the shows at the age of 10, to the Veteran class. How happy he was... in wonderful condition, winning many BOBs one after another, moving like a young dog and amazing the judges! He was like flashing star before the moment of going out forever, only 2,5 months after his last triumph. I was really blessed to have a dog like him, from the moment of his birth to his last breath in my arms.

My love, my best, my one and only Storm.


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