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Australian Shepherds kennel "TripleMoon"

Bred by Aussies

Group Placer RUS & BLR & RKF CH RUS JCH
OKD-1 Obedience-1 BH T-1 A1 A2

(CH Thornapple Dr Thunder x CH Normari Ronni Small Queen)
Owner Irina Rodichkina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
HD-A ED-0 HSF4 +/+ eyes RSVO 2015
Antosha is one of the most sportive Aussies in Russia. With his owner Irina they are always involved in different sport events in St.Petersburg and consistently take placements. Antosha is perfectly motivated, easy trained and has excellent working stamina. In Agility they run A2. Now they train mostly in Obedience. Antosha also participate in OKD competitions (Russian obedience), dog frisbee, pith & go, dog pullers and other events and competitions.


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